The Top Lightweight Golf Bags on The Market in 2019/2020

Unlike most golf hardware, no dispatch screen or wrist-to-floor estimation will reveal to you what’s the best golf sack for you. That is the reason the current year’s golf-sack Hot List—our first since 2014—is an extraordinary spot to begin. Ask yourself how you play frequently (walk or ride) and what you like to convey (minimum necessities or pack donkey). We inspected 93 golf sacks to locate the best 34 decisions in our four classes: Carry, Cart, Hybrid and Lightweight. Our outcomes (recorded in sequential order request by class) incorporate a blend of standard and lightweight convey packs, truck just sacks and greater “half breed” stand packs with 14-way dividers.

Callaway Hyper-Lite

The issue with some convey packs is fitting every one of your clubs taken care of—and having the option to haul them out without tearing a wrist ligament. A top that is about 20-percent bigger than before makes a difference. Significantly simpler are oneself adjusting ties and the fast snatch telephone pocket.

Ogio Shadow Fuse

In case you’re conveying, the sack’s weight matters, however not as much as the solace of the lashes. Ogio’s well known for its smooth, utilitarian rucksacks, and these lashes reverberation that legacy. Ergonomically bended and cushioned, they move uninhibitedly and self-change by means of a pivoting circle framework.

Ping Hoofer,

This amazing convey sack’s most recent update incorporates new dampness wicking shoulder lashes that float on and off like your preferred coat, 12 pockets and a top that is roomy and tough. For riders, a channel shrouds the truck lash so you can at present get to those side pockets.

Sun Mountain H2NO Superlight,

Getting from the organization’s first class raingear, its DEFCON 1-level external layer with fixed creases and YKK zippers looks prepared to take on a storm like Jim Cantore in the eye of a bomb typhoon. This new lighter-weight adaptation’s top grows the forested areas segment, as well.

TaylorMade FlexTech,

There are 11 helpful pockets and a truck tie go through for riders, yet walkers will burrow the pillowy shoulder cushioning, as well. The adaptable pivoting base doesn’t scrunch when the legs broaden so there’s more space for clubs, however regardless it fits perfectly in a truck when you ride.

Titleist Players 4 StaDry,

Its waterproof material and crease fixed zippers keep your rigging umbrella-dry, however it remains a genuine convey pack. There’s savvy comfort all through, including a simple access run discoverer pocket, more lash cushioning than the past variant, in addition to a lighter generally weight.

Mizuno BR-D3,

A sack intended for flashing around the course while by walking, this sack packs the vast majority of the components one would ever require without the weight. A five-way top makes getting clubs all through the sack a snap, while the full-length dividers ensure your sticks. Then, the huge ball pocket can deal with enough pellets to make even the lose-two-sleeves-a-round player feel certain they have enough ammunition taken care of.

Ping Hoofer Lite,

The lighter weight ally to the organization’s admired Hoofer checks in about a pound lighter than its elder sibling. All things considered, the four-way top is a spacious 9.5 inches and the lash is structured with “SensorCool” innovation to add solace to those bearing the heap. A padded hip cushion adds to the solace factor, while seven pockets give a lot of extra room. Little additional items, for example, a Velcro glove holder and pen holder show a pleasant tender loving care.

Sun Mountain 2.5+ 14-way,

Fourteen-way dividers aren’t for everybody, except it’s amazing that Sun Mountain had the option to actualize that element in a pack that weighs around four pounds. Notwithstanding keeping your sticks sorted out and ensured, the X-Strap isn’t just simple to jump on and off, yet functions admirably as a solitary lash—a definite fire approach to make your caddie like you paying little respect to your range of abilities.

TaylorMade FlexTech Lite,

Pack originators are continually seeing approaches to lessen weight and TaylorMade’s group opened a plan entryway by using a solitary stay development that runs along the spine of the sack to guarantee toughness, while diminishing weight. Critical to the individuals who like to know their yardages, a no-zip rangefinder pocket takes into account simple access to a separation estimating gadget before taking the sack off the shoulders. For the design cognizant golf player, the pack is accessible in five hues.

Titleist Players 4 Plus,

Regardless of whether it’s golf balls, clubs or packs, Titleist consistently puts a premium on quality. For example, high-grade aluminum legs and a pivoted base that give dependability practically paying little heed to the landscape. Or on the other hand a double thickness froth tie for comfort while conveying. Or then again pockets explicitly intended to house tees, balls, resources, clothing, rangefinder, and water bottles. At last, for the design cognizant golf player, the pack is accessible in 13 hues.

Wilson Staff EXO,

Albeit unobtrusively heavier than some at a shade more than five pounds, the EXO has a few highlights worth the additional ounces. Boss among them are three formed handles which makes moving your golf pack about a breeze both on and off the course. There’s likewise six pockets to oblige practically anything you might need to expedite the course with you, including one huge open pocket for drinks or rangefinders. Two full-length dividers give security to your clubs too.

Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero

Much the same as a lightweight passage should, this plan cuts weight every step of the way like Matthew Modine preparing for Shute in Vision Quest. That implies solid yet light carbon fiber legs and meager yet sturdy nylon texture. However, there’s still space for 14 clubs on top and additional padding in the lashes. They don’t skip on practical pockets, either, including a simple access, slide-in phone space. A 14-way divider alternative is accessible, as well.


Datrek Trekker Ultra Lite,

A ultralight approach is decent, yet we’ll convey somewhat more mass on the off chance that it implies we keep significant components. That is the thing that you see here with the delicate hold handle on top, the five zippered pockets, a downy lined assets pocket and a protected cooler pocket. Particularly the last on the grounds that with this light a pack you realize we’re strolling and conveying.

Sun Mountain 2.5+,

Without a doubt, pockets are decent, yet the main thing in a mobile sack are two essential components: Comfortable, ergonomic ties and enough room so you don’t need to hurl out your even-numbered irons. Crucial here with recently built, high-thickness froth in the lashes that work in an effectively customizable, free-sliding X-design. Stunningly better, the nine-inch top is as inviting as certain sacks twice its weight. A 14-way divider alternative is accessible, as well.

TaylorMade LiteTech 3.0,

This sack accomplishes all the easily overlooked details right to get you a useful lightweight pack (large top, padded lashes, rainsuit estimated clothing pocket), however its best component may be something that isn’t there. In contrast to a great deal of sacks, this one is planned with just a single inward remain down the spine of the pack. (Stays are those inward poles that give the sack its structure.) That spares weight over the typical three to make this present TaylorMade’s lightest pack ever, yet it additionally assists free with increasing space for your clubs, feels better on your back and enables the remain to connect all the more reliably.

Burton ULT,

The 100D nylon texture may appear to be thin and light however it more than opposes tearing when you overstuff your resources pocket or the truck kid thumps it over in the parking garage. Similarly as solid are the huge measure zippers in the five pockets, including a ball pocket that holds enough pellets to get you through a decent three weeks (however put a Clif Bar and a rangefinder in there). The padded hip cushion makes that effectively light burden appear to be less squeezing, and the double shoulder lashes effectively convert to a solitary when your caddie is conveying twofold.

Mizuno K1-LO,

Exactly what the strolling golf player needs and keenly nothing more. The lightweight texture and carbon fiber legs remove mass from the heaviest components to make this Mizu, however there’s no deficiency of supportive highlights including the abundant four-way, nine-inch top; water bottle pocket and full-length dividers that keep your clubs contained in their areas. Two extra components you didn’t have any acquaintance with you required however will welcome the more you use it: the velcro fix for your glove and a base snatch handle for simpler stacking in your vehicle.


BagBoy Chiller Hybrid,

We don’t as a rule play where the trucks accompany completely loaded coolers. Without a doubt, this present sack’s 10 pockets, 14-way dividers and hide lash give simple access, yet for the most part we love the appended cooler that amasses to four beverages. Enough to get us to the turn, at any rate.

Ping Hoofer 14,

This full-administration passage with 14-way dividers highlights 12 pockets, including one for a range discoverer. In any case, on the off chance that you can’t get to your wallet without fixing the truck lash, that number is insignificant. So here a channel runs under the side poc